To Live Forever

Art and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt

This exhibition draws from 107 ancient Egyptian artifacts to illustrate a range of strategies the ancient Egyptians developed to cheat death. It explores mummification and the tomb rituals that assist the deceased in defying death and examines what the Egyptians believed they would find in the next world.

Art Exhibition previously on at Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, United States.
From Friday 12 February 2010 to Sunday 02 May 2010

Anthropoid Coffin of the Servant of the Great Place image

Published by Brooklyn Museum on Monday 06 April 2009.
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The exhibition also contrasts how the rich and the poor prepared for the hereafter. The economics of the funeral are examined, including how the poor tried to imitate the costly appearance of the grave goods of the rich in order to ensure a better place in the afterlife.