António Ole - Hidden Pages

Installation, Photography, Video

António Ole is one of the most successful artists of Angola. His oeuvre includes photography, graphic works, colourful pop-art paintings, collages, assemblages and multi-media installations, but also documentary films, which are among the most important of Angolan film history.

Art Exhibition previously on in Germany.
From Thursday 30 April 2009 to Sunday 06 September 2009
Launch Thursday 30 April 2009, 7 pm in attendance of the artist.

Hidden Pages Stolen Bodies image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 14 April 2009.
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With this exhibition, Iwalewa-Haus’ main floor is dedicated to the work of António Ole

  • 1951) and continues its focus on lusophone Africa. The central work is the expansive installation Hidden Pages Stolen Bodies dealing with Angola’s history of slavery and forced labour. In other works, Ole analyses marginal spaces and border zones of urban live by means of found objects which he gathers locally, thus also in Bayreuth. This archeological search for traces confronts the audience with – sometimes painful – splints of memory and makes unwritten history visual and tangible.
    The exhibition is supplemented by works from the decades, among them black and white portraits from the 1970s, thus before independence. Colonial repression still weighted heavily on the people in the suburbs of Luanda, but the cry for independence was already unmistakable. His recent wall-photos are more conceptual and focus with their symmetrical conception and minimal aesthetic. The series sal tells about the extraction of sea salt and the bitter wounds that the salt causes to the earth.
    A further highlight of the exhibition is the documentary O Ritmo do Ngola Ritmos which he produced shortly after independence. He tells the story of the correspondent music group which was one of the most important thrusts in the fight for independence and conveyed courage and hope for a better future to the fighters.


Iwalewa-Haus, Africa Centre of the University of Bayreuth