Human Landscape

Gloria Stern

Gloria Stern`s recent paintings are concerned with the relationship of people to the world of nature. As in her earlier work, figures remain symbols of the ordinary person, captured in transient moments and contained within their own realm. In these new paintings, however, the shift from urban to natural landscape as the contextualized space has enabled Stern to explore the drama of atmposhere.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 27 November 2007 to Saturday 22 December 2007

Field image

Published by Gallery 101 on Wednesday 24 October 2007.
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In some images the sense of human power over the landscape prevails, whilst in others the human element is diminished by a more dominating and embracing landscape. A contemplative feeling pervades some pictures, increased by the use of long dark shadows and subdued palette. While the figure remains an important part of her work, Stern`s recent imagery also incorporates her plein air observations of natural forms in the parklands and often unpeopled coastal environment of Byron Bay.

In this exhibition of recent paintings, Gloria Stern continues her exploration of the universal theme of isolation. ‘Where once a formal and emotional link connected people to their urban surroundings, they now occupy stranger, more atmospheric territory: a landscape of low clouds and lowered mood; leaden grey-green light and mysteriously abandoned shacks


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