Korea & Australia Exchange Exhibition

at Global Gallery, Paddington, NSW

Korean artists(12) Chan Mo KANG, Sang Bong LEE, Seung Ho LEE, Jang Han CHOI, Sung Won MA, Tae Guen YANG, Yeon Hwa KIM, Jin Won KIM, Soon Ok PARK, Dong Chul LEE, Su Jung LEE, Sin Suk LEE…. Sydney Artists (10) Alison Coulthurst, Gitte Backhausen, James P Gilmour, Jan Van Dijk, Nikolas de Masi , Hoim Lee, Agnes Hur, Minwoo Bang, Hee Ja Choi, Tetsuya Mori

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Wednesday 22 April 2009 to Saturday 02 May 2009
Launch Wednesday 22 April 2009, 6pm-8:30pm at Global Gallery 5 Comber Street, Paddington, Sydney, NSW, 2021 Telephone : (612) 9360 5728 www.globalgallery.com.au

Event published by anonymous on Friday 17 April 2009.
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This exhibition is co-hosted by the Seoul Art Centre’s Gong-Pyung Gallery in Seoul and Cross Bay Gallery in Sydney, in order to recognise the international significance of the dynamic growth in contemporary arts both in Korea and Australia. We also hope this exhibition to function as a facilitator for more active creative exchanges between Korean and Australian artists, while providing them with more opportunities for international exposures and participation.
We are excited to have this exhibition in Sydney that would introduce a range of notable Australian and Korean artists. We believe our continuing artistic exchanges would lift the quality and diversity of both Australian and Korean art markets, offering our artists a chance to be further stimulated, inspired and grow.