Far North

Claudine Marzik

Born in Basel, Switzerland in 1957, Claudine Marzik moved to Australia in 1987. A self-taught painter, she lives and works out of Cairns, and draws inspiration for her paintings from the environment of this area.

Art Exhibition previously on at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville precinct, Queensland, Australia.
From Friday 12 December 2008 to Monday 09 February 2009

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Published by anonymous on Sunday 19 April 2009.
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Her paintings allude to the naturally occurring effects of the elements on various surfaces, such as “the distress and discoloration of weatherboards and fence palings, the patina formed.
Marzik captures the understated beauty of such effects by building highly textured surfaces. She does so “through the application of many layers of paint onto the canvas. Between each layer, the paint is scratched, sanded, washed and/or burnished until the desired surface has evolved.”

The dramatic seasonal changes in far north Queensland are what particularly impress and inspire Marzik. By viewing her paintings, one can quickly identify that Marzik has not only a high affinity for these diverse landscapes, but also a deep understanding of them, which she puts down to “prolonged periods of engagement with these areas and sustained observation of the climatic effects.”

However, one can only assume that this “prolonged period of engagement” would not have been enough had she not grown up in such a drastically different environment, for certainly she has a greater appreciation of the far north than many who have lived here their entire lives. Though native to Switzerland, Marzik in Far North captures so much that is innately Australian, and uniquely north Queensland.


Perc Tucker Regional Gallery
Cnr. Denham St & Flinders Mall