The Nude

Works from the Collection and private lenders

The Nude explores the human figure in all shapes and forms, and also the ways in which artists have chosen to portray it. Comprised primarily of works from the Collection, and supplemented by works from private lenders.

Art Exhibition previously on at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville precinct, Queensland, Australia.
From Friday 19 December 2008 to Sunday 15 February 2009

Spoon-feeding Casanova image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 19 April 2009.
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The show will feature drawings by Charles Blackman, Tony Underhill, Kevin Connor, Francis Lymburner and Thea Proctor, etchings by Glen Skein and Arthur Boyd, lithographs by John Brack, and paintings by David Paulson and Euan Macleod.

Elizabeth Cross articulated the importance of the nude in her recent catalogue essay for The Naked and The Nude, “…our naked bodies are our natural condition. Their depiction has the potential to express our fundamental selves, and even something we might count as divinity. The ancient Greeks understood this – and hence portrayed their gods in human form and celebrated the divine beauty of the human body whose perfect embodiment was the naked, youthful male. Moreover, nakedness and nudity can express desire and sexuality. The Greeks set Dionysus, god of ecstasy, in energetic opposition to Apollo, who represented reason, order and light: together they encompass the full spectrum of the human condition.”


Perc Tucker Regional Gallery
Cnr. Denham St & Flinders Mall