Ellen Benson Elyss McCleary Alice Parker James Riches

‘Chronicle’ is an exhibition of drawing and installation of four artists involving a sense of the viewer in space.

Art Exhibition previously on in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 29 April 2009 to Saturday 23 May 2009
Launch Wednesday 29 April 2009, 6-8pm

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 22 April 2009.
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Ellen Benson

‘Drift’ are nostalgic and fragmentary panoramic glimpses of my home foundation “Where the Mighty Mountains meet the Mighty Sea”. ‘Drift’ is a phantasmagorical wonderment gazing day and night, big and small, still and moving, known and mysterious.

Elyss McCleary

The Park scapes look at the light and the nocturnal luminosity of the world – a world we may desire whilst dreaming. The views are inventions taken from associations of landscape to create a sense of the momentary, familiar and embedded memory. There is an eerie beauty in the park; it is designed and ordered, but we make it our own as a shared or private space.

Alice Parker

‘Colour saturation’ is a body of work that explores the nature of saturated primary and secondary colours. Through modes of inquiry compositions are constructed intuitively, ordering and mark making in both two and three-dimensional space. Issues of containment, order, repetition, reflection and movement are addressed. The work exists as abstract paintings on paper and ephemeral installation of contained pools of ink.

James Riches

The aim of my work within this project is to present a series of apparently unrelated figurative and abstract images and set an informal dialogue between them.
Using threads of landscape imagery, and the occasional glimpse of the figure amongst abstracted forms and fields intends to propose a narrative concept rather than define one.
The over-riding preoccupation in my art has always been the presence of ‘the figure’ – however small it may appear in physical terms within an individual image, it remains at the conceptual core.


The Library Artspace
100 Barkly St
North Fitzroy

Wednesday to Saturday 12-6pm