Bob Booth & John Gibson

Joint Exhibition

An exhibition of recent work by Bob Booth and John Gibson will open on Friday the 8th May 2009 at 6:00pm. The exhibition closes on the 21st May.

Art Exhibition previously on in Fremantle precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Friday 08 May 2009 to Thursday 21 May 2009
Launch Friday 08 May 2009, Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 23 April 2009.
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The Bob Booth exhibition consists of a number of quite large format paintings which point to an involvement with the grand scale of the Australian landscape. While the etchings series of birds around the studio, are perhaps more homely, they continue the theme of natural Australia, beautiful and diverse. Three small still life paintings bring us to the domestic realm, with a single glass intensely observed. I continue to feel that my role as a painter is to explore the possibilities of paint; to take another step of trust in its capacity to surprise, and exist in a form beyond its own humble nature. This small scale objective seems to have substantial implications. We tend to accept that the strong and the cleaver take control to force the ‘best’ outcome, and a problem means that we must bring things to order, to find a solution. My experience in painting however always invites me to believe that what is obvious is not necessarily what is true, and that control is not our most creative capacity.

A most genuine and modest man who claims not to seek wealth or fame to be happy, John Gibson is somehow driven to follow a personal quest – to link inextricably the past and present with the unknown future, seeing the three experiences as the continuum of life. He expresses extraordinary feelings of ‘DÉJÀ VU’: of experiencing the sense of having ‘been there before’, but knowing this not to be true in the literal sense. In every painting the simple little house appears, together with the long straight road. These are indeed symbolic for John, for although absorbed in an ongoing search for clarity of understanding, he has revealed that the house is likely to be representative of his family upbringing – a solid foundation, always there as part of his soul. The long road is the self, travelling the distance of time: a soul-searching activity, with uncertainty as to where it will lead. Invisible, however, are the constant thoughts of his beloved animals as he creates his pictures. Enraptured by the excitement, mystery and challenge of placing colours, layers and textures on the surface of his blank canvas, John must always have that spare canvas at the ready. Painting is for him a silent expression of the relationship between his own soul and who he is, that is Life itself.


Gallery Nine by Five
6 Elder Place
Fremantle WA 6160
Tuesday – Sunday
10am – 5pm