Maria Lizunova

Convergence is a powerful, expressive portrayal of dynamic energies, passing, converging, pulling away.

Art Exhibition previously on at Somedays Gallery in Australia.
From Wednesday 29 April 2009 to Tuesday 19 May 2009
Launch Wednesday 29 April 2009, 6-9pm Somedays Gallery Everyone welcome! Live set by DJ Thommy too.

Convergence image

Published by anonymous on Friday 24 April 2009.
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Sensed in the moment, unobscured by thoughts of past or future. Expressed through tactile, sensuous, sculptural texture, rich layers of vivid or subtle colour, light and shadow playing on the ensuing peaks and crevasses.

Maria Lizunova draws inspiration from the impermanence, the change that is the fabric of life, from nature, clouds, light, shadows, everchanging colours and textures of the sea and sky. Her signature is the finesse of detail at first unnoticed in the bold, sweeping textures, beckoning the viewer to take a closer look.


Open 7 days