Modern Odysseus

By Julian Shaw and featuring Colin Friels

A creative re-imagining of the photographic novel Modern Odysseus which will be published by FilmInk in late 2008 and features esteemed Australian actor Colin Friels.

Art Exhibition previously on in Paddington precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 13 May 2009 to Tuesday 02 June 2009
Launch Wednesday 13 May 2009, 6pm to 8pm

Modern Odysseus image

Published by anonymous on Friday 24 April 2009.
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Modern Odysseus is a visionary creation by a young author – a movie in book form. Told in blinding poetic prose it creates a Lynchian world of distrust and souldeath, satirising the slick excesses of the 21st century.

In this gallery installation, Julian Shaw interrogates the underlying themes and stories of his book, using raw materials from its original construction. Shaw looks to his own experiences in creating both the book and exhibition, in what has become a long-term labour of love spanning several years of his life.

You are invited to the opening of this exciting exhibition at 6pm Wednesday 13th May 2009.
Meet the creator of the exhibition and hear about Shaw’s labour of love realised in the graphic novel and cross media form.


Foyer of the Chauvel Cinema
Paddington Town Hall
Cnr Oxford St & Oatley Rd
Paddington NSW 2021