Anatomy of Desire

by Carmen Olsen

'The pursuit of divine union can be a tricky quest' Emma Magenta. The emotional world of a young woman's journey to find love, along a path frought with disillusion and melancholia forms the premise behind Carmen Olsen's recent paintings.

Art Benefit previously on at Percolator Gallery in Australia.
From Thursday 01 October 2009 to Tuesday 06 October 2009
Launch Friday 02 October 2009, 6-9pm

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Published by PercolatorGallery on Friday 24 April 2009.
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An emerging artist, based in Highgate Hill, Carmen’s first solo exhibition ‘Anatomy of Desire’, will be held at Percolator Gallery from 1 – 6 October. Stylistically, Olsen fuses fine art with street art, juxtaposing traditional oil painting techniques with stencils and spray paint. Her work features a series of paintings exposing anatomical elements within the female forms in various states of vulnerability and provocation.

The images narrate sordid stories of the dating game through the artist’s fascination with femininity, sexuality and fertility.