Passaggi Scritti

Angela Cavalieri

Angela Cavalieri surveys the art of writing and storytelling in a visual form in her series of monumental, hand-rolled linocuts on canvas.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 26 February 2008 to Saturday 22 March 2008

Dopo la Commedia image

Published by Gallery 101 on Wednesday 24 October 2007.
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Her attraction to text is primarily visual. Using text as image, Cavalieri’s ‘words and letters are fragmented, isolated and abstracted, and transformed into graphic elements’ and architectural forms that reinforce the physical and material presence of the word. ‘However there is more to Cavalieri’s images than their immediate visual impact. At the heart of her work there is always a story, a story of experience that is inscribed in memory and passed on verbally from generation to generation.’ New narratives appear in these broken and repaired texts and the grand narratives of the past fuse with those of contemporary life.

As a child of immigrants form Calabria, Cavalieri’s heritage has motivated her to explore the historical and cultural texts of her Italian background. These incorporate personal stories, histories, literary works from Dante to St Francis of Assisi, and inscriptions on public buildings from ancient times to the present. Written in her first language, in the fundamental units of script and character these images are built using a limited palette – colours are primarily blood red, white void, blue expanse and solid black. Linking the meaning of a word with the structure of the image, Cavalieri borrows from these documents of the way people lived to make works t


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