Found Sound The Experimental Instrument Project: James Hullick & Pia Van Gelder

Found Sound # 5 May 20, 2009

JAMES HULLICK AND PIA VAN GELDER Please join us for a collaborative improvised performance by Pia van Gelder (Sydney) on original Voice Mask with some members of her Orchestra of Machines together with James Hullick (Melb) on robotic sound sculptures and instrumental automata. All welcome!

Art Exhibition previously on in Other Metro Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 20 May 2009 to Wednesday 20 May 2009
Launch Wednesday 20 May 2009, performance 7:30pm-8:30pm

James Hullick  image

Published by Amelia on Thursday 30 April 2009.
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Found Sound: The Experimental Instrument Project is a series of musical and sound art events featuring experimental instruments designed and built by Australian artists and musicians.

Each event takes the form of an improvised collaboration between at least two participants who do not usually perform together. All sounds are to be generated by hand-made and/or found elements that can be welded, wired, stuck together, collaged or otherwise assembled into “playable” forms, including junk objects, springs, bicycle wheels, bits and bobs, kitchen gadgetry, string, circuit boards, bells, rubber bands, plants, car parts and custom-made music machines.

Found Sound is curated by Amelia Douglas and Albert Mishriki.


@ tape projects warehouse space
1/81 Bouverie St Carlton, Melbourne
7:30-8:30 pm
May 20, 2009