"Hecho En Mexico"

by Peter Zylstra

“Hecho En Mexico” (Made in Mexico) is a collection of photographs that document the exotic, iconic and everyday aspects of Mexican culture. These images frame and archive the rapidly changing landscape of Mexico, one of the many developing economies that will define the direction of the 21st century.

Art Exhibition previously on at Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed) in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 06 May 2009 to Sunday 17 May 2009
Launch Thursday 07 May 2009, Wed - Fri 12 - 9pm Sat & Sun 12 - 5pm

Hecho En Mexico #24 image

Published by Guildford Lane Gallery on Friday 01 May 2009.
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Peter Zylstra was born in Canada and completed his BFA and MFA in the United States. In addition to pursuing his own art practice, he has lectured at several universities in the US and Mexico, and is currently involved with the Melbourne-based film company Contemporary Arts Media. In his art practice, Peter works in a variety of media but specialises in painting and photography. Many of his images deal with the conceptual underpinnings and material limitations of these art forms, particularly the relatively new technology of digital photography. Another subject that features prominently in his work is the politics of looking, especially that implicit in the touristic, colonising and artistic gaze.  His many projects have exhibited widely throughout the world (www.peterzylstra.com).


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