Walk 8.57am..........Run 8.59am

Georgie Roxby Smith

Walk 8.57am is a direct intervention in the urban flows of Melbourne filmed in September 2008. Run 8.59am was filmed as a counterpoint to Walk 8.57am in October this year. These works form part of an ongoing series of interventions in the city of Melbourne.

Art Exhibition previously on at Seventh Gallery in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 11 August 2009 to Saturday 29 August 2009
Launch Tuesday 11 August 2009, 6pm - 8pm

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Published by anonymous on Friday 08 May 2009.
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When access to global information flows means access to power, where does this leave the local, the existing, the ambling organic existence of the everyday?

My practice explores what it means to live locally under the systems and space flows of today’s global cities, particularly Melbourne, previous title holder of “The World’s Most Livable City”. My work aims to foster a reflection on the position of the local within the global city through installation, performance and the injection of “glocal” sculptural objects into the social and urban framework of the city as a tool to generate disturbances in local urban flows. These small acts create a ripple effect through place and space and bring awareness to the poetic and personal in these increasingly inhuman flows.

The city has and always will allow more space for visible local events than the national arena, where actions must go through formal systems which render the non formal and local invisible. By acting locally to create small disruptions to the global system and embracing the same systems to disseminate these local art actions through digital technology I aim to embrace new combinations of practice in this area to expand the consciousness of the local, both in Melbourne and other local city spaces.


Seventh Gallery
ADDRESS: 155 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
EMAIL: infoseventhgallery@gmail.com
OPEN: Tuesday – Saturday 12-6pm
EXHIBITION OPENING: Tuesday 11 August 6-8pm