Rebecca Smith - Aposelene

Queensland Centre for Photography

Rebecca Smith's 'Aposelene' will be showing at the Queensland Centre for Photography from May 9 to June 7.

Art Exhibition previously on in Brisbane precinct, Queensland, Australia.
From Saturday 09 May 2009 to Sunday 07 June 2009
Launch Saturday 09 May 2009, 5 - 8pm

Cat shirt, Byron Bay  image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 13 May 2009.
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Artist statement:

This series is a portrait of my sister, who turned fifteen this year. We live in two different towns, and her progression to teenage years has been something I was able to witness only in stages. Through recording the details of her life, I had hoped I would understand this progression better, and it was my aim to come to know her as the person she is now.

Nevertheless, as the year progressed, her attitude towards my intrusion into her life changed. She moved from self-consciousness to actively controlling the way I recorded her. As a result, my project mirrors her transition into adolescence itself and the careful construction of an identity that takes place during this time.


Corner of Cordelia and Russell Streets
South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia