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A solo show by Pouk'Art

Our portfolio consists of a variety of contemporary art, in almost every style: abstract, surrealism, cubism, portrait, landscape.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Gallery at Willesden Green in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Tuesday 19 May 2009 to Thursday 18 June 2009
Launch Thursday 21 May 2009, 6-8

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 21 May 2009.
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We aim to show in our work the importance and the privilege to be part of this world and to be able to share the earth with all the other living creatures. We believe everything created has its own importance, like the earth we live in there is no other place where humans can share the same breath with animals and plants or drink the same water etc

Mbeng Pouka

Telephone: 020 8453 0183