Hozeye Honary Esfahan (Esfahan Art Field)1 pm Esfahan Cartoon Association Anniversary Exhibition opening May 2007

Caricature and Cartoon

The Esfahan Cartoonist Association holds an annual exhibition of quality Cartoon and Caricature artwork. In Iran there are strict controls regards social and poiltical visual comment. Dispite this, or perhaps because of this, the standard of artwork presented is technically and imaginatively excellent.

Art Exhibition previously on in Iran, Islamic Republic of.
From Thursday 25 June 2009 to Sunday 05 July 2009

Published by anonymous on Saturday 23 May 2009.
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Joanne Brooker was invited to enter her work into this exhibition in 2007 and is returning to exhibit again in 2009. Work is entered internationally and from throughout Iran from various cartoon associations. Working in Iran in relative isolation from the international media market for political and social cartoon comment, the standard is remarkably high and is often created at risk.