Two Seasons Recent Paintings by Martin Kizur

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville, Queensland

Major solo exhibition by Martin Kizur, presents new acrylic paintings developed over three years. TWO SEASONS is the artist's response not to a particular element, but rather the tropics and tropical lifestyle as a whole.

Art Exhibition previously on in Townsville precinct, Queensland, Australia.
From Friday 08 May 2009 to Sunday 14 June 2009

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 27 May 2009.
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Optimism and accessibility define Martin Kizur’s paintings in Two
Seasons, and his practice in general.
Since moving from Melbourne with his family in 1998, Martin has
openly celebrated the nature of the tropics, and encouraged others to
do likewise. It has provided inspiration for three previous exhibitions
held at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery; Fruit of the Tropics 2003, Jewels
from the Sea 2004, and Paintings from the series Corals 2005. Two
Seasons, the culmination of two years painting, focuses less on any
single element of the tropics, instead celebrating this lifestyle in a
broader sense, with Kizur drawing inspiration from every sight, sound
or smell.
The paintings, which are at differing levels of abstraction, make use of
the widest possible palette, and Kizur confesses his love for all colours,
“every colour is beautiful”. However, the “fresh”, easy appearance
achieved belies the meticulous preparation undertaken; each work the
result of numerous studies and careful compositional choices.
These compositional choices, and all the choices that inform the work
of Two Seasons, are also the result of a wealth of personal experience,
a deep knowledge and love of the many art periods of the 20th’Century,
and the artist’s European sensibilities.
However, for all the planning and all the knowledge, Kizur’s aim is
uncomplicated – yet far from simple to achieve. In fact, it is probably
the most ambitious an artist can be. Kizur wishes only to create high
quality paintings – paintings that viewers will take enjoyment out of
viewing for a sustained period, and will always appear ‘fresh’. In
aiming for this, Kizur achieves what many artists have tailed to do
with their abstract works – he makes his work accessible to a broader


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