Picasso: Themes and Variations

Featuring approximately 100 works, this exhibition explores Picasso’s creative process through the medium of printmaking, tracing his development from the early years of the 20th century, with depictions of itinerant circus performers in the Blue and Rose periods, to his discovery of Cubism.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Museum of Modern Art - MoMA in New York, United States.
From Sunday 28 March 2010 to Monday 30 August 2010

Bull, state IV, 1945 image

Published by MOMA on Wednesday 27 May 2009.
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It follows his evolving artistic vision through decades of experimentation in etching, lithography, and linoleum cut, demonstrating how each technique inspired new directions in his work. The exhibition also focuses on specific themes, demonstrating how Picasso’s imagery went through a constant process of metamorphosis. Printmaking, in particular, allows this fundamental aspect of his art to become vividly clear, since various stages in building a composition can be documented. One series of lithographs shows Picasso progressing, step-by-step, from a realistic depiction of a bull to one that is completely abstracted in simple, schematic lines. Other examples reveal changing interpretations of the women in Picasso’s life, as they become the subject of his art and the catalytic force behind his creativity. Organized by Deborah Wye, The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Chief Curator of Prints and Illustrated Books, The Museum of Modern Art.

In conjunction with this exhibition, MoMA will launch a major online project featuring its collection of over 1,000 etchings, lithographs, and linoleum cuts by Picasso, thereby allowing this extraordinary group of works to reach a world-wide audience. Digital images of these prints will be available online and, in many cases, will be accompanied by interpretive texts.