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Artur Zmijewski

Artur Zmijewski (Polish, born 1966) works exclusively with photography and film and will show a new film as part of his Projects exhibition. Often taking the position of an observer of human behavior, Zmijewski stages, provokes, and studies unusual social situations.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Museum of Modern Art - MoMA in New York, United States.
From Wednesday 16 September 2009 to Monday 04 January 2010

Published by MOMA on Wednesday 27 May 2009.
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The artist frequently works with marginalized groups and the socially or politically disenfranchised, often referencing the aesthetics of violence and segregation as he explores the trauma of history. His projects often resemble experiments and his videos and installations document the actual reactions of his subjects to invented or staged scenarios. Adapting strategies from political action, the artist sees his role as “inducing the field” or causing a stir among otherwise passive participants. Part of a group of artists whose work investigates the social by documenting staged situations, Zmijewski is one of the most provocative artists of his generation. Organized by Connie Butler, The Robert Lehman Chief Curator of Drawings, The Museum of Modern Art.

Contemporary Galleries, second floor