Sigmund Freud's Collection

An Archaeology of the Mind guest curator: Janine Burke

Travelling to: The Nicholson Museum University of Sydney 2 January - 30 March 2008

Art Exhibition previously on at Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 05 September 2007 to Saturday 17 November 2007

The writing arrangement in Freud's study; desk with antiquities 1938 image

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Sigmund Freud’s Collection: an Archaeology of the Mind brings together 20 items from Sigmund Freud’s personal collection of antiquities held in the Freud Museum, London. The artworks, which will travel to Australia for the first time, offer a unique insight into Freud as collector, thinker and art connoisseur. They reveal how Freud’s study of art and antiquities influenced his theories of psychoanalysis.

Curated by Dr Janine Burke, the exhibition follows publication of The Gods of Freud: Sigmund Freud’s Art Collection, the author’s book-length study of the Freud Collection and its role in Freud’s life and work, in October 2006 by Random House Australia and Walker Books in the United States.

As Guest Curator, Dr. Burke has selected a range of artworks that reveal both the depth and range of Freud’s collection along with its influence on his ideas and practice. Freud’s Collection presents a range of antiquities that will prove fascinating on many levels. The exhibition will position antiquities and myth in relation to contemporary discourses around psychoanalytic theory, and will explore the resonance of these forms in contemporary cultural life today.


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