Gallery Ragini presents Metamorphic Celebration

Gallery Ragini, Metamorphic Celebration, recession

New Delhi: In an attempt to beat the recession blues and to celebrate the spirit of Indian Art, Gallery Ragini announces the opening of its new art gallery in Lado Sarai with the inauguration of Metamorphic Celebration, a group show of drawings, paintings, woodcuts, photographs and installation by sixteen artists from May 29, 2009 to June 17, 2009 at Gallery Ragini, F-213 B, Lado Sarai, New Delhi.

Art Exhibition previously on in India.
From Friday 29 May 2009 to Wednesday 17 June 2009
Launch Thursday 28 May 2009, 11 a.m to 7 p.m. (IST)

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 28 May 2009.
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The participating artists include: Alka Raghuvanshi, Amitesh Verma, Binoy Varghese, Birendra Pani, Chintan Zalawadia, Farhad Hussain, Gabriella Montanari, Manisha Gawade, Partha Shaw, Praveen, Ravi Gossain, Satadru Sovan, Suchit Sahni, Sudip Roy, Uday Mondal and Yamini Sharma.

Says Nidhi Jain, Director, Gallery Ragini: “The lava blooms in its cocoon and change is most natural. Economic recession hasn’t left the art market untouched. Yet, Gallery Ragini has put up an effort to keep the spirit high and to stand by their artists and art lovers. While the new space in Lado Sarai celebrates the gallery’s own growth and metamorphosis, even the artists have infused a fresh fervor reiterating the theme of Metamorphic Celebration. There is a fresh glint in the art works and the whole mood of the show is very upbeat.”

By bringing together veteran and young artists from various genres on one platform, the exhibition balances smooth spontaneous abstracts with quirky young concepts. For instance, Ravi Gossain’s Butterflies in space is a dramatic work that celebrates the exuberance of color in an expanding space. Here, the artist uses bright hues of yellow, blue and orange to highlight his white butterflies in a multicolored space. The lightness of butterflies makes them look like spirits from an ‘other’ world and invokes resurrection, as if the butterflies are messengers from another world bringing us messages.

Explains the artist: “Through this work, I have attempted to seek the Metamorphosis in human existence. Metamorphosis is a transition of levels of consciousness and evolution in all living beings and Butterflies in space is an accurate assimilation. Just as a worm grows into a caterpillar, then into chrysalis and finally into a stunning butterfly, human beings also progress in a similar manner.”

The size and scale of canvases by Ravi Gossain and Farhad Hussain are almost overwhelming, while contrasting with the whacky drawings by Birendra Pani, whose skill as a draughtsman will be a refreshing change for most of us.

On the other hand, Praveen’s wood-cut works display the possibilities of combining and co-relating the fields of arts and science. His work titled Multiplication of Portraits by Science with Various Temperaments throws light on various human expressions like thinking, smiling, awe and wonder.

Says the young Hyderabad-based artist: “Being from a science background, I have tried to explore the field of science in an artistic manner and, therefore, the work can be explained as a bridge between science and arts. I combine my inspiration from teachers, friends and family with rules of science and the outcome turns out to be a piece of art.”

Further exploring human emotions is Baroda-based Uday Mondal’s work titled Double Take that showcases a human form reclining in bed. The work is a metamorphic celebration in the sense that the artist now comfortably explores his new found inspiration. He explains: “Earlier, I used to search for trends in films, magazines and posters but now my friends, especially my wife, have become the primary source of my inspiration. This sudden change in my perception has led to the evolution of my true self.”

Similarly, other artists have also imparted a new synergy into their works, commendable especially during these tough times. Certainly, Metamorphic Celebration is a cohesive exhibition which brings out the essence of change and Gallery Ragini’s constant search for aesthetics.