Sarah Amos

(Flux) - where a total electric or magnetic field passes through a surface.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gallery 101 (now closed) in Australia.
From Wednesday 22 July 2009 to Saturday 15 August 2009
Launch Thursday 23 July 2009, Tues - Fri 10-4 Sat 12-4

Bed Strike, 2009 image

Published by Gallery 101 on Friday 29 May 2009.
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‘My work is a fusion of both land and cityscape. I am interested in interpreting spatially dynamic, real and half forgotten landscapes through an urban lens. New to this body of work is my interest in the visual graphics of scientific diagrams in which dynamic and informative landscapes are drafted into linear minimal lines. I have absorbed this distilled language, translating it into an architectural and organic landscape where the intersections of line, volume and space are constantly in flux. This obscure knowledge is pared down, simplified and ordered into a clean analysis ready for instant translation.