Brief Encounters

Jon Eiseman & Anne Conron

Jon Eiseman’s sculpture extends beyond the physical, encompassing notions of time, spirituality and emotion. His figurative sculpture, cast in bronze, has a whimsical and poetic quality. Drawn from the inner landscape of the unconscious, Eiseman’s work carries a loose dream-like quality, creating an intriguing open-ended sense of narrative.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gallery 101 (now closed) in Australia.
From Wednesday 19 August 2009 to Saturday 12 September 2009

Untitled, 2009 image

Published by Gallery 101 on Friday 29 May 2009.
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For the last three years Eiseman has collaborated with Anne Conron on a series of photographs which reflect the vision of his sculptural work. Through these images, the artists take the viewer on a journey into Eiseman’s world – where journeys start and never end, and birdmen inhabit a surreal landscape occupying a borderland between the natural world and the human mind, between logic and dreams. The photographs and video installation extend the narrative of the journey into another realm, where there is an atmosphere of stillness and calm, a reverence for nature and a sense of mystery.