Sarah Gully - Dena Kahan - Alesh Macak

red gallery exhibitions June 17 - July 4 2009

red gallery wed 17 June - 4 July 2009 opening night drinks wednesday 17 June, 6-8pm Gallery 1 Sarah Gully 'Actual Size' Gallery 2 Dena Kahan 'Strange Garden' Gallery 3 Alesh Macak 'Endangered and free / Captive and comfortable'

Art Exhibition previously on at Red Gallery in Other Metro Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 17 June 2009 to Saturday 04 July 2009
Launch Wednesday 17 June 2009, opening night drinks from 6-8pm

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Published by Amelia on Saturday 30 May 2009.
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Sarah Gully, Actual Size
As in many fairytales, the birds and animals depicted in Gully’s works are not simply symbolic, but are often the key protagonists in tales of tragedy and salvation, beauty and the macabre. Gully transforms the gallery into a nest of stories, playing with notions of gravity and flight, scale and proportion.

Dena Kahan, Strange Garden
Dena Kahan’s watercolours and oil paintings of miniature glass marine specimens address the historical relationship between art and science. Based on photographs taken by the artist while visiting specialist glassware collections in the United Kingdom, these works are an extension of Kahan’s previous work with the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Strange Garden reveals the shifts in translation incurred in the movement between objects and representations, softly prying apart the paradoxes inherent to taxonomy and systems of museum display.

Alesh Macak
Endangered and free / Captive and Comfortable
Alesh Macak’s intricate hand-drawn, stop-motion animations are gateways into zones of alchemy and transformation; spaces lined with shadows and curiosities, clockwork and dreams. New and recent video projections and charcoal drawings that disrupt or call attention to linear trajectories of ‘causes and effects’, highlighting the interconnectedness of events, images and histories over time.


red gallery
157 St Georges Rd Nth Fitzroy
wed-sat 11-5pm