Lisa Roet


Lisa Roet’s exhibition, In-Sight comprises a suite of vibrant neon LED light sculptures in juxtaposition with bronze orangutan, gorilla, chimpanzee and human faces. There will also be a suite of coloured primate head drawings. These works allude to relations between humans and simians, and the broader issue of mans relationship with the urban and natural environment.

Art Exhibition previously on at Karen Woodbury Gallery in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 17 June 2009 to Saturday 11 July 2009

Cross Bones 2009 image

Event published by Karen Woodbury Fine Art on Monday 08 June 2009.
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Roet’s continued interest and exploration of the relations between humans and primates challenges some of the great paradigms and theories relating to evolution and creationism. This exhibition coincides with the 150th birthday of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and his subsequent book titled ‘The Origin of Species’, imbuing new perspectives regarding Darwin’s studies.

Over the past thirteen years, Lisa Roet has investigated the complex interface between humans and our simian relatives, drawing inspiration from extensive residencies abroad at major international zoos, first-hand observation of ape research centres, and field study of apes living in the forests of Borneo.

During that time Roet has been awarded the National Sculpture Prize (National Gallery of Australia); The Kedumba Drawing Award; the National Works on Paper Award and she most recently won Australia’s richest sculpture prize, the McClelland Sculpture Award, for her monumental scale work ‘White Ape’.