Wednesday 17 JUNE 2009 The Wednesday Project Presents... AfterWhite Session #2



Art Exhibition previously on at Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed) in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 17 June 2009 to Thursday 18 June 2009
Launch Wednesday 17 June 2009, 6pm

Afterwhite RED image

Published by Guildford Lane Gallery on Monday 15 June 2009.
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Wednesday 17 JUNE 2009
Doors Open 6pm.
Performance: 7:30pm
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The Wednesday Project is proud to present the second show of AfterWhite,next Wednesday June 17 from 6pm.

The Afterwhite project began at the end of winter 2008 when Sam Haycroft (Sydonia, I Am Duck Eye) and Julian Medor thought to combine painting and music in the one performance.
They began by throwing some riffs around and jamming some minimal structures and decided to involve the painting in a improvised manner. With a fence painting brush taped to the end of Julian’s guitar and Sam’s percussion kit in arms reach of paint and canvas, Afterwhite began.

“avant garde art rock painters”
“an innovative way of layering music and painting into one entity”
“julian has a guitar attached to his paintbrush, and sam a percussion set to his.”
“each performance garners a new energy attached to whatever colour is being jammed”

Sam Haycroft – Paintbrush/Percussion/Hang/Dingaling
Julian Medor – Paintbrush/Guitar/Rarr
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20-24 Guildford Lane, Melbourne 3000 Australia
PO Box 12179 a’Beckett St., Melbourne 3008
Ph 61 3 9642 0042 Mobile 0422 442 363