Repeat Repeat


Adam Cruickshank Annika Koops Carly Fischer Dell Stewart Natasha Frisch Rachael Hooper

Art Exhibition previously on at Platform in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Monday 03 August 2009 to Friday 28 August 2009
Launch Friday 07 August 2009, 6 - 8pm

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 25 June 2009.
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In a contemporary culture of increasing information overload, unlimited access and hyper-production we are presented with a paradox. We have free reign to access and do anything possible but because of this freedom we are unable to do anything at all. In the nauseating amount of stuff that surrounds us on a daily basis, how do we find our place as individuals? Everywhere simulation builds upon simulation, everything we do has been done before. Leaving a mark and making ourselves visible takes on slightly humorous tones in amidst the sheer amount of stuff. Any attempt is bound to be futile, redundant and perverse.

REPEAT REPEAT looks at how 6 artists, Carly Fischer, Annika Koops, Dell Stewart, Rachael Hooper, Adam Cruickshank and Natasha Frisch deal with some of the anxieties and humors in such a climate. All artists employ obsessive processes of production, or observation, perhaps to mimic the drive that surrounds them and also to provide an escape through the meditative qualities of work. Within each artists process is also the element of analogue copy-catting, an upside-down reversion to hand crafted production at the expense of faster, more efficient means. Floating in between regressive nostalgia and progressive eradication, these artists deal with the strange place that the culture of repeat finds them in.

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