Danie Mellor

Visions of a Curious Wonderland

At just 36, Danie Mellor has an impressive number of works included in the nation’s galleries including the National Gallery of Australia, Queensland Art Gallery and National Gallery of Victoria. His current practice focuses on sculpture and printmaking through which he examines the uneasy implications of removing objects from their original owners for exhibition; ‘the weirdness of museums’.

Art Exhibition previously on at Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay in Potts Point precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 17 October 2007 to Saturday 03 November 2007

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Event published by anonymous on Friday 26 October 2007.
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Mellor readily identifies with the Atherton Tablelands of his mother’s people, and his terracotta boomerangs and ceramic shields deliberately recall 19th century displays of anthropological curiosities. Mezzotints of the tightly furled fronds of Cyathea Cooperi or Australian tree fern hark back to Joseph Banks’ illustrations of native flora and fauna, sent back to a British public hungry for a sight of the ‘exotic’ colonies. His waist-high kangaroo sculptures, covered with mosaics of blue and white Spode china emphasize the incongruity of transplanting images for the dining classes on the other side of the world.


Michael Reid at Elizabeth Bay
44 Roslyn Gardens
Elizabth Bay NSW 2011

Open Wednesday to Saturday
11am – 5pm