Solid things and not so solid things

Jessica Herrington at Iain Dawson Gallery

An exhibition of paintings and work on paper. Black paint, fluororescent acrylic, glitter and oil stains. Recent work by Jessica Herrington. Come to the opening on Saturday 4th July from 11am - 2pm!

Art Exhibition previously on in Paddington precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 30 June 2009 to Saturday 11 July 2009
Launch Saturday 04 July 2009, 11am - 2pm!

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Published by anonymous on Friday 26 June 2009.
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Artist Statement:

My art practice is concerned with the transience of art and the human condition. We typically define our existence by the high points, our achievements and goals. Perhaps it is our lesser moments that make us truly human; the awkward, the traumatic, disturbing or the banal.

The focus of my work is on the mistakes, errors, and the testing of limits. Painting is a medium which embodies ideas of perfection and consequently leads to a greater sense of mistake or failure. There are qualities within paint that speak about the human body and existence. Paint is both abject and awkward. Like our bodies, paint has a structure capable of both beauty and the grotesque. My work explores the melancholy aspects of human nature by using a combination of elements that glitter and drip, creating works that are pathetic, funny and sad.


Iain Dawson Gallery
72a Windsor St.
Paddington, NSW

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm