SLIGHT: (revisited)

Corinne Bates at pcp (perth centre for photography)

SLIGHT: (revisited) is a photographic installation evoking the artists' profound sense of contemporary isolation through the study and depiction of transient light.

Art Exhibition previously on in Perth precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Thursday 09 July 2009 to Sunday 02 August 2009
Launch Thursday 09 July 2009, SLIGHT: (revisited) 9th July - 2nd August 2009 pcp 91 Brisbane Street PERTH WA Thursday/ Friday 12-5pm Saturday/ Sunday 12-4pm

SLIGHT: (revisited) image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 05 July 2009.
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continues 10th July – 2nd August 2009

pcp (perth centre for photography) 91 Brisbane Street PERTH WA

(08) 9227 6620

SLIGHT (revisited) is a photographic installation documenting the artists’ continual sense of disconnection from people. Inspired by a series of encounters where attachment and lasting knowledge were in violation of the rules, the artist found her self fixated upon observations of ephemeral visual phenomena. The transient light projected upon interior architecture provided an ideal sight/site for contemplation and deliberate detachment. Once documented the images have come to represent people, situations, places and recurring contemplations. Capturing these ephemeral images and placing them within antique frames as portraits of those they represent is a direct act of defiance. The images become intimate yet obtuse love letters possessing an inherent sense of loneliness and the passage of time.

On the back of her well received inaugural solo exhibition SLIGHT at Melbourne’s Brunswick Street Gallery in January 2009, SLIGHT: (revisited) is a first of its kind for pcp (perth centre for photography); an exhibition incorporating images of transient light presented in antique frames alongside select furniture, ambient sounds and lighting. Please join artist Corinne Bates and guests for the opening night of her exhibition SLIGHT: (revisited) at perth centre for photography (pcp 91 Brisbane Street PERTH WA) 6pm Thursday 9th July 2009.

Corinne is an emerging interdisciplinary conceptual artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from Curtin University of Technology, WA in 2004. She held her inaugural solo exhibition SLIGHT at brunswick street gallery (bsb) Fitzroy VIC in January 2009 and has contributed to several high profile group exhibitions including Windows on William 2008 Silver ARTRAGE Festival edition. Her work is held in private collections and she is not currently represented by anyone.


91 Brisbane Street PERTH