New Gallery Artists


Featuring the work of four artists new to the Karen Woodbury Gallery stable, New Gallery Artists will be a showcase of works by Michael Cusack, Marie Hagerty, Titania Henderson and Philip Wolfhagen.

Art Exhibition previously on at Karen Woodbury Gallery in Richmond precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 05 August 2009 to Saturday 29 August 2009

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Published by Karen Woodbury Fine Art on Monday 06 July 2009.
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Largely working in abstract modes and minimal palettes, the
exhibition will initiate a dialogue between the artists and across the different media of painting and sculpture that contemplate
landscapes of the mind, nature and beauty.

In his signature minimalist approach, Michael Cusack will be presenting three paintings that suggest landscapes in soft focus. Each work is potentially a geography of cerebral experience. The restrained tonal palette allows Cusack to explore this terrain via subtle graphic detail. Texture is built upon the canvases with drawing, smudging and scratching techniques in paint and mixed media. The viewer’s eye is continuously taken on an exploration of trajectories from one detail to the next.

The eye is further directed along bold planes and overlapping layers in the seductive surfaces of Marie Hagerty’s paintings. Hagerty’s
work creates an atmosphere of contemplation. Shapes are manipulated through shading and linework to convey a three-dimensional quality. Her paintings have been described as oscillating between the figurative and the abstract as forms appear familiar yet also indistinguishable. Bright colours punctuate sections of the paintings stimulating the eye.

Titania Henderson’s three ceramic sculptural installations in pure white Bone China convey a three-dimensional engagement. A
fragility and vulnerability, resonate through these poignant paper thin configurations, bringing a sense of clarity and freedom. These hand built works challenge the conception of Bone China as a material only suited for slip casting. Henderson’s method involvs perseverance, technical proficiency and precision, as she creates her own language of rhythmic ceramic art. There is an inherent translucent character that appeals to elements of shadow and light within the works.

Light is also picked up in the work of leading Australian landscape painter, Philip Wolfhagen. Bush scrub, leafy tree branches and
paddocks are set on a background of sunsets and sunrises as natural light is explored. Wolfhagen’s paintings examine themes of memory,
change and continuity through everyday observations. A personal interpretation of the natural world is depicted as scenes are painted
based on familiar moods and emotional responses. The ‘feeling’ of place and awe associated with breathtaking scenes dominates his
creative investigations.