The Shadow Collective

The Charlotte Room

Art Exhibition previously on in Canada. Published by anonymous on Saturday 27 October 2007. Monday 26 November 2007 to Wednesday 27 February 2008.

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The Shadow Collective is a newly-formed collaboration of photographers, all based in the Toronto area, with the aim of bringing together images of a similar theme. Each photographer brings to the table a passion for exploration and a love of photography.

As part of the Shadow Collective opening, I will be exhibiting my new exhibit entitled “Streetcar Undesired”, an exploration of what happens to our public transportation when it can no longer fulfill its purpose. Do we revere these wonders of the rails and preserve them for future generations to study, or do we allow them to fall into decay as we toss them aside for the new and the shiny?


The Charlotte Room
19 Charlotte St.
Toronto, ON

3pm-1am M-T
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