Dark Room

Works on paper

An exhibition of works on paper from the collection of Castlemaine Art Gallery curated by students from Castlemaine Secondary College.

Art Exhibition previously on at Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum in Castlemaine precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 08 August 2009 to Saturday 08 August 2009
Launch Saturday 08 August 2009, 3-5pm

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 08 July 2009.
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We are a group of Year 12 Studio Arts Photography students from Castlemaine Secondary College and we are undertaking a project which is a first time collaboration between Castlemaine Secondary College and Castlemaine Art Gallery. Castlemaine Art Gallery has just launched a new education program and this is the inaugural project of the program. We, as the students, have full control of the exhibition planning and creation, and you have the chance to see an inspired new approach to designing an exhibition. We have worked with the gallery staff to curate an exhibition titled Dark Room. This project has provided us with a unique opportunity to get an insight into how an exhibition is created, and helps to fulfill many of the curriculum requirements for our VCE studies.

Dark Room, an exhibition of works on paper, showcases various artworks by a selection of artists from the Castlemaine Art Gallery collection. It will be displayed in a small exhibition space in the gallery, and the selected works portray this feeling of confinement. We immediately reacted to the space with thoughts of confined spaces and fear, which lead us to the idea of claustrophobia. This idea came to us as a response not only to the exhibition space, but also to the pressures brought about by year 12, such as workload and social pressures. The title Dark Room reflects our experience as photography students working in dark, confined spaces.

A feeling of confinement also comes from the evolution of technology which demands that everything be smaller. Due to increasing population, technologies, communication, information and advertisements we experience a feeling of being penned in by the volume of information we have to contend with. Small things create more space which can be filled up by more small things.

Artists will include: Rick Amor, Dean Bowen, Jon Cattapan, Noel Counihan, Petra Reece, Geoffrey Ricardo, Florence Rodway and Albert Tucker

Name: Kate Stones
Phone: 0431 998 707
Email: education@castlemainegallery.com