Familiar Fable

Landscape, memory, construction, tangible, intangible, the familiar, the unfamiliar, lost, found, looking…… The landscape provokes imagination, rumour, fable.

Art Exhibition previously on in Manuka precinct, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
From Thursday 23 July 2009 to Sunday 09 August 2009
Launch Thursday 23 July 2009, 6pm

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Published by lauren on Monday 13 July 2009.
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This body of work attempts to explore the way the local Canberra landscape is represented in the imagination. Capturing locations where sometimes something has occurred, an event, or where there is a hint of a happening, and locations that harbour that potential.

Drawing from the traditions of film noir, the familiar scene becomes the unfamiliar. Suburbia, seen from the car window, what we see everyday passes through our conscience, becoming at once invisible and unnoticed. Yet glimpses of these shadowed corners can spark the imagination for a fleeting moment, causing the birth of a brief fable, shortly lived, yet lingering.

I find that the urban landscape at night suddenly becomes a lot more interesting, and open to interpretation than during our everyday passings in the light hours. Trying to capture detail in the darkness, subtleties of shadow and low light for atmospheric scenery that easily impels the imagination. Working in the dark, at night, in obscure places is key to the process. It heightens the senses and the imagination, instills a sense of urgency and vulnerability.

The landscapes I shoot are not grand. I prefer a subtler scale, exploring how our history and memory inform our responses to the places we inhabit. We often do not choose our broader surroundings, they occur as a consequence to the places in which we choose to dwell.


Huw Davies Gallery

Manuka Arts Centre
Manuka Circle, Griffith ACT

11am-4pm weekdays
12pm-4pm Saturday and Sunday