A series of artworks by Kristin McIver

Sold is a series of neon and acrylic artworks by Kristin McIver, which explore instilled ideals of The Great Australian Dream. McIver explores the cultural influence behind the human need to create ideal spaces, and the political and capitalist initiatives that exploit these desires.

Art Exhibition previously on in Richmond precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 29 July 2009 to Saturday 15 August 2009
Launch Wednesday 29 July 2009, 6-8pm

Sold, Kristin McIver image

Published by anonymous on Friday 24 July 2009.
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McIver proposes that obsession, desire, aspiration – and their perpetuity through exploitation – may eventually be the elements which turn capitalism on itself. The artist borrows icons, materials and phrases from domestic marketing and media, emblazoning them in neon to seduce the viewer into the works, and subsequently revealing the irony and falsity of their message.

Sold challenges us to question – is the Great Australian Dream born out of a collective human desire, or are these desires sold to us in order to serve the financial needs of big business? Who owns The Dream?


Shifted Gallery
Level 1, 15 Albert Street Richmond
Open Wed-Sat 11am-5pm