Rock, Paper, Lasers!!!

The four artists in Rock, Paper, Lasers – Troy Innocent, Jeff Janet, Trinh Vu & Joel Zika - have used the latest digital laser technology to create paper artworks and sculptures; some of the works mimic industrial design objects while others are representative of mere folly and experimentation.

Art Exhibition previously on in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 29 July 2009 to Saturday 15 August 2009
Launch Friday 31 July 2009, 7-9pm

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One of the intentions of the artists in this exhibition is to deride the mass production of iconography, such as that which is so often seen in ‘home wares’ or ‘lifestyle’ shops, to make a series of more unique works. Other works in the show are intended to exemplify the possibilities of these tools for the creation of contemporary art works. While these artists cast a light on the facelessness of the prefabricated object, at the same time, they choose to revel in the machine’s benefits for more unique creative purposes rather than running from them.

Each of the artists in Rock, Paper, Lasers lecture in Art and Design at Monash University and as a part of their own on-going practice set themselves the task to create this exhibition of two and three dimensional artworks collaboratively.

Troy Innocent is represented by Tolarno Galleries, Boutwell Draper Gallery, and Hugo Michell Gallery. Trinh Vu is represented by Christine Abrahams Gallery (Melbourne), ArtsBank and Chika Gallery (Tokyo). Joel Zika first exhibited at Kick Gallery in 2004 and has regularly exhibited at Kick Gallery in various group exhibitions. Rock, Paper, Lasers has been supported by the Monash University Art & Design Faculty.


Kick Gallery
239 High St