This video attempts to locate the absurdity of masculinity. By absurdity, I mean the way the notion of the male is perceived in society and how illogical the idea of manliness can appear.

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 07 August 2009 to Sunday 27 September 2009
Launch Thursday 06 August 2009, 6–8PM

Maturing 2007 image

Published by CCP on Monday 10 August 2009.
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I began by demystifying the male stereotype and evoking the absurd within male dominated subcultures through the depiction of hair, which acted as a signifier for male authenticity. I explore the identification of the masculine and the use of the guise as a masquerade through simple repetitive actions. I set out to reveal the dramatisation of the role model, through identities such as sportsmen, movie stars and family role models. Maturing is intended to be a satire, an in-your-face mockery of the male (a mockery that resulted in a rash that persisted for three days after the work was completed). The characters I play in Maturing could relate to anyone. I only hope to be able to project this elusive state and locate it within a coherent context that relates to masculinity, its absurdity and me.


Join artists Clare Rae, Georgia Metaxas, Simon O’Dwyer, Andrew Quilty, Laki Sideris, Leah Robertson, Anne Ferran and Emil Toonen