Nicholas Mangan

Between a rock and a hard place

Nauru is the starting point for a richly imaginative installation incorporating found objects, collages and video, as Melbourne-based artist, Nicholas Mangan explores the idea that “the middle of nowhere is the center of everything”.

Art Exhibition previously on at Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 25 June 2009 to Sunday 13 September 2009

Nauru International Airport Tarmac image

Published by Art Gallery of New South Wales on Tuesday 11 August 2009.
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For his new project Mangan looks to the tiny South Pacific island of Nauru. At just 21km², the Republic of Nauru is the world’s smallest island nation. Its troubled history includes temporary, fabulous wealth from phosphate mining, status as a tax haven and money laundering hub in the 1990s, and home to an immigration detention centre as part of the Howard Government’s ‘Pacific Solution’.

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