Contemporary Australian Prints

Gallery 8

Drawn from the Gallery’s collection, this fascinating new display brings together key examples of Australian printmaking from the last two decades.

Art Exhibition previously on at Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide precinct, South Australia, Australia.
From Friday 31 July 2009 to Friday 01 January 2010

Published by Art Gallery of South Australia on Wednesday 12 August 2009.
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While remarkable for the diversity of approach, a number of the works share a common inspiration – aspects of the Australian landscape. These range from the moody romanticism of Ray Arnold’s large multiplate etching inspired by Tasmania’s rocky coastline, to more abstract interpretations of the landscape by Kim Westcott, Martin King and Aboriginal artists Tjumpo Tjapanangka from Balgo Hills (Wirrimanu) in Western Australia and Amanyi Dora Haggie from Ernabella, South Australia. Tjapanangka’s beautiful colour etching, Wilkinkarra, refers to a dreaming associated with the large salt lake, Lake Mackay, south of Balgo.

During the 1990s, Sydney-based artist Mike Parr embraced printmaking as a new means for exploring his ongoing self-portrait project. In Parr’s Head on a plate drypoints, a group of which is shown here, his self-images are distorted, bodiless heads that resonate with raw emotion. Other artists represented in the display include eX de Medici, Brent Harris, and Adelaide artist, Olga Sankey. Sankey’s digital print, Forked tongue, continues her ongoing interest in language and meaning, and in this work also incorporates Biblical references.

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