Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards


The Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards is a national art award founded in 2008 to celebrate the diversity and richness of Indigenous art from across the country. The awards acknowledge the significant contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists make to Australian art and culture.

Art Exhibition previously on at Art Gallery of Western Australia in Perth precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Saturday 25 July 2009 to Sunday 15 November 2009

Wakartu Cory Surprise image Malo mask 2008 image Wakartu Cory Surprise image Ricardo Idagi with Malo mask 2008 image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 19 August 2009.
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The finalists for the Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2009 represent artists from across the continent working in a dynamic range of media, including sculpture, painting and photography. Of the 16 finalists, eight are from Western Australia.

Featured in this exhibition are many artists working predominantly in sculptural forms – including the traditional Dari and mask-making skills of Ricardo Idagi, the incredibly lush Morning Star Pole of Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi and the monumental rusted forms of Lorraine Connelly-Northey.

The exhibition also includes majestic paintings and insightful photographic works, which will again make the Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards a unique and unforgettable experience not to be missed.

Please consult the website for details about the Public Programs and Floor Talks.