The Fall

Megan Evans

Inspired by the notion of ‘swarm intelligence’, Megan Evans has created a large scale installation of eucalyptus leaves that ‘swarm’ across the walls of the gallery. Titled ‘The Fall’, the exhibition includes an extraordinary collection of leaves collected over many years, some from Healesville near her mother’s home which was surrounded by the recent fires.

Art Exhibition previously on at fortyfivedownstairs in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 15 September 2009 to Saturday 26 September 2009

After the Storm, 2009 image Black Leaf image Swarm (persephone) image

Published by fortyfivedownstairs on Wednesday 26 August 2009.
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Each leaf has it’s own identity, but as a whole they form a collective sense of movement, leading the eye to a central screen which has a video work of the leaves furling and unfurling. The virtual leaves are animated in contrast to the installation, which is captured as a freeze frame on the walls.

This work is about re-contextualising the landscape. As a non-Indigenous Australian, Evans searches for her place in this landscape to understand how to ‘see’ it from within, rather than as a ‘view’ in the European tradition.

“I have a peripheral experience of the landscape which I have inherited from the relatively short time in which my people have been here, however I believe that as non-Indigenous people, we need to experience the landscape differently. We need to learn how to act together, a case of global swarming, if we are to weather the environmental storm that is brewing.”


45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000
Tue – Fri 11am to 5pm
Sat 12pm – 4pm

free admission