Louisa Bufardeci & Zon Ito

This exhibition is the fourth in a series of ‘international pairing’ projects, and presents the work of Australian artist Louisa Bufardeci alongside Japanese artist Zon Ito. Spanning sculpture and installation, wall drawings, digital prints and animation, the exhibition seeks to position Australian contemporary art within a wider, global dialogue.

Art Exhibition previously on at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) in Australia.
From Tuesday 28 July 2009 to Sunday 25 October 2009

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Published by M.C.A. on Thursday 27 August 2009.
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Bufardeci draws upon statistical data, sourcing information from the public domain including the CIA Fact Book, the national census and opinion polls. She translates this information into colour charts, maps and architectural diagrams; and in doing so, draws playful attention to gaps, biases and inequalities.

For her MCA exhibition, Bufardeci has created an ambitious site-specific floor piece using statistics about Sydney’s residents.

Zon Ito creates intricate embroidered canvases and flags, cut paper, clay and fabric assemblages and playful hand-drawn animations. Parallels may be found in the work of Louisa Bufardeci and Zon Ito in their symbolic use of colour and ordered forms, along with their interpretation and unconventional use of space.