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Safety In Art is blushing Melbournite and creative omnivore Kelly Gentle’s Catacomb Creative blog made life-size. In the company of the jazziest makers and thinkers from across the creative spectrum, Safety In Art vows to inspire those who need inspiration.

Art Exhibition previously on at Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed) in Australia.
From Saturday 19 September 2009 to Saturday 19 September 2009

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Published by Guildford Lane Gallery on Thursday 10 September 2009.
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A gold-coin donation will open the chute to a whirlpool of sequins and zines; crochet and coffee;
textas and tea; with seasoned practitioners encouraged to market their wares as they work,
unwind and talk shop. Makers of all levels and persuasions will be accommodated in a
communal mash-up intended to cradle your blossoming works in progress, or be the primordial
sludge from which your next project emerges — all punters will be welcomed into the fold to rub
pens and scissors with the pros.

Bringing your own materials and tools is a top idea; leaving all liquid media at the door is a
mandatory one.

Safety In Art’s favourite food is creative collaboration and spontaneous group work is
encouraged like eating your greens. Come and show us what you’re working on, try something
new, or simply enjoy the opportunity purchase some unique take home treats from our talented
attending artists.