Shelter: On Kindness

Artists, architects, writers and thinkers reflect on the question of what shelter entails, both physically and metaphorically.

Art Exhibition previously on at RMIT Gallery in Australia.
From Friday 25 September 2009 to Sunday 25 October 2009
Launch Wednesday 07 October 2009, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Chashitsu Tetsu (Teahouse Tetsu) image

Published by RMIT Gallery on Wednesday 16 September 2009.
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Shelter: On Kindness is an exploration, an exercise in inviting artists, architects, writers and thinkers to reflect on what qualities of environment and circumstance afford us shelter in a physical and metaphorical sense. Is a shelter a sense of safe haven, a place to protect ourselves from the natural elements, from the unrelenting pressures of modern life or, perhaps, a place or space to reflect on our innermost thoughts? Shelter: On Kindness examines the ideas of nurture and kindness through the filter of the writings of psychoanalyst and author Adam Phillips and historian Barbara Taylor on the history of kindness. Part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival.