Into the Red

Emily Kocaj is an emerging curator and arts worker based in Melbourne; she graduated from the University of Melbourne?s Masters of Art Curatorship program in 2007.

Art Exhibition previously on at Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed) in Australia.
From Wednesday 23 September 2009 to Sunday 04 October 2009
Launch Thursday 24 September 2009, 6pm

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Published by Guildford Lane Gallery on Thursday 17 September 2009.
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?Into the Red? is a group exhibition that brings into focus the anxieties and tensions of a year burdened with physical and emotional challenges. Curator Emily Kocaj says it “surveys the impact of current tensions such as the global financial crisis, climate change, fires, wars and swine flu on the work of a diverse group of artists”. Wina Jie examines the pressures that afflict cultural travellers, while Frank Prskalo depicts raw aggression. Michal Teague and Abbra Kotlarczyk explore the decay and transformation of both the built environment and man made objects.

Melissajay Egan | Kerry Herrmann | Wina Jie | Leni Kae
Abbra Kotlarczyk | Pamela Kouwenhoven | Vesna Maksimovic
Alison Orton | Frank Prskalo | Lauren Simmonds
Michal Teague | Emma Waheed