Ikko Taniuchi

Enogu Buto

My original performance. Pouring colors over my body with all my energy and concentration. absorbing them into my body as if they are air and dancing in harmony with the atmosphere there. This performance causes the spectators to laugh and shed tears. This produces different works of performance than those of fine arts.?

Art Exhibition previously on at Until Never in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 30 September 2009 to Tuesday 06 October 2009
Launch Wednesday 30 September 2009, 6 pm to 9pm

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 24 September 2009.
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My life changed greatly when i first met an activity of live painting. At that time I felt the wonder of painting:I can paint. I am under the codition where I can paint, and now I am living. Feeling happy with it, I meant to be true to myself.

One day I found a being “painting” in myself. I asked him. “May I pant?” and he answered, “Of course you may” Since then he let me continue to paint gratefully to him.

About Ikko Taniuchi
Painter and painting dancer, who lives in Osaka, Japan
Born in 1984.

I began painting when I lived in Hong Kong for a year as young boy.
 Even now I remember the sceneries I saw and the happenings I had.

Since 2005, when I was a college student, started a solo exhibition “Taniuchi Ikko Jidai”(the Age of Ikko Taniuchi).. at many galleries (Gaiiery Marya, Disco Beans and others) and showed acrylic, water-color and hundreds of crayon paintings.

Now I give my exhibition abroad in Melbourne. My passionate strong style attracts various fans such as film directors, photographers, musicians, and persons of old age and the same generation. I have held frequent parties with them as I like meeting and chatting with them.

Gallery hours :: 12 – 6pm
Until Never will be open everyday for this special exhibition By Ikko Taniuchi, until October 6.

Opening night features live accompanying performance by PIG & MACHINE (Osaka/Melbourne).


Until Never
2nd Floor 3-5 Hosier Lane Melbourne
(enter from Rutledge Lane)

Open everyday between 30 September and 6 October from 12am and 6pm for this special exhibition.