Birdland: an interactive sound project by Bruce Mowson

Birdland is an immersive sound work. Set in a 3D game construction space, visuals are minimalised and sound is maximised in order to experiment with sensations, perceptions and flows of listening.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Friday 02 October 2009 to Friday 02 October 2009
Launch Friday 02 October 2009, 12.00 - 05:00pm Friday

Published by anonymous on Monday 28 September 2009.
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Within the space, the user glides freely around sculptural,
architectural and topological formations. The project aims to
develop new techniques for composing sound and new ideas about the significance of listening, through a reading of Deleuzian and Lacaning texts in conjunction with playful and intuitive exploration.

As part of the Time. Transcendence. Performance conference Virtual Reality Centre, Design Research Institute Ground floor, Building 91, 110 Victoria Street Melbourne [enter through the Design Hub Gallery]