A Fire in the Heart.

Artemis of Aberdeen

Jose - A Fire in the Heart.

Art Exhibition previously on in Newcastle precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 10 November 2007 to Tuesday 04 December 2007

Published by anonymous on Thursday 01 November 2007.
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Fires on the beach and beside the rivers, fires that warm lovers and friends, blazing suns go down and cast an orange light of studio walls, women undressing or quiet little water holes, blue skies move over rolling hills, a painter stands at his easel holding a sleeping child, women sit by a fire talking, these are some of the themes of the upcoming exhibition at Artemis of Aberdeen.

Jose is new to the roster at Artemis and he is, quite frankly, a lunatic. It is impossible to know what this artist is trying to achieve.

The exhibition has no style or theme to bind it. From one painting to the next we move from sunsets in the style of Turner to Lloyd Rees inspired country side, from Matisse bathers to a Giacommetti interior, from a large Da Vinci like cartoon of three naked women to a beautiful little lake scene.

The one feeling common to all of the works is their emotional charge and pure passion. It is easy to see here an artist who is very little interested in style of fashion and completely motivated by some sort of desperate love and strong emotion.

But neither the diversity of style not the passion stops with his painting.

Although he graduated from Art School in the nineties and has a formal training in painting, sculpture and drawing, he is also well known as a guitar player and singer. He fronts a popular Sydney world music band called Marsala in which he sings in Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Serbo-Croatian. He also writes and records his own style of what he calls ‘Australian Songs’, a whacked out hybrid of world music genres with a full blown Aussie accent. Like an Australian Tom Waites or


Artemis of Aberdeen
Old Presbyterian Church
93 MacQueen St
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